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Baby Room and Settling In

For most parents the baby room is the first introduction to nursery life. It will probably be the first time you have left your baby and we understand this can have mixed feelings. At Scribbles experience has taught us that the settling in period is not only for your child to become settled, it is used for you to build trust with the staff members who will be caring for your child.


This is done through a number of play and stay sessions and gradually increases to you leaving your child for short periods of time.

The Scribbles baby room is a bright and colourful room, which cares for up to 6 babies and has 2 members of qualified staff.  The room has a main play area with a separate sleep room and nappy changing room and is flooded with natural light.  It has a cushioned floor and is fitted with low surface temperature radiators.

Baby Room

The baby room has a wide range of equipment both large and small with natural and commercial objects.  


Throughout the nursery we have a wide range of varied activities; the baby room is no exception. Your child will take part in water play, sand play and sensory play.

Equipment and Activities

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