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Tiny Tots

Welcome to our Tiny Tots room, which cares for up to 6 children aged between 1-2 years old.  The main playroom is bright and colourful and has direct access to our outdoor play area.  The room is fitted with a cushioned floor and has low surface temperature radiators.

At Scribbles, we believe children are at their happiest when playing outside.  We have a fully enclosed, safety-surfaced playground attached directly to the Tiny Tots room, which they use on a daily basis.  The children have access to a beautiful cottage with kitchen equipment, outdoor sand and water facilities as well as bikes, trikes, slides and much more.

Outdoor Play

The Tiny Tots room has a wide range of equipment to support this time in your child’s life when they are developing very quickly.  From the slide structure and large play equipment to table top toys and heuristic play your child will be kept busy.


The children in the Tiny Tots room enjoy sand and water play, painting and sensory play.  

Equipment and Activities

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